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SBN Pre – Workout (25 Serving)

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(Citrulline + beta alanine + taurin + arginine + l-leucine)

One of the vital role of Pre-workout is ATP production which is a source of chemical energy for proper functioning of our body. Silver Back Nutrition Pre-workout supplement is thus essential for people involved in strenuous physical activities.

Note : It reduces lactic acid & ammonia build up. Our body produces ammonia & other toxic by-product during exercises which leads to reduction in athletic performances. Pre-workout plays important role in urea cycle to eliminate these by-products to increase performances.

Special Features :

  • Muscle Pump : Citrulline and beetroot both help increase blood flow to the muscles for a visible, muscle-defining pump. It increases arginine level which support production of nitric oxide which increase blood flow, oxygen transportation & nutrient uptake.
  • Boost Endurance : Supplementing with L-citrulline and beetroot may result in reduced fatigue for improved endurance and efficiency in the gym.
  • Increased Focus : The 300mg of caffeine in One More Rep helps you stay focused and establish better mind-muscle connection. Once you’re in the zone, you able to train harder, longer and smarter.
  • Faster Recovery : By increasing blood flow, the ingredients L-citrulline and beetroot help deliver nutrients to your muscles and remove waste products for optimized recovery.

Take 20 ml (3 tablespoons) of SBN Pre-workout into 180 to 200 ml water or any other beverage of your choice and consume it 20 to 25 minutes before workout.

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